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80% of the members don’t use gym, yet they pay $30 to $125/month. Attrition is linked with discouraging results and lack of engagement. Traditional gym users don’t know proper exercise regimen. Members prefer workout regimens that are fun, customizable and social. 

We specialize in providing customized fitness solutions using Artificial Intelligence. Travi and Gruvi are our flagship products for fitness. 

Virtual Trainer (Travi) customizes exercise regimen. Travi engages the member through interactive training and performance monitoring. Travi has memory. Travi automatically chooses preferred workout and preferred music. Travi monitors engagement and adjusts itself. Travi comes as a smart box, a smart band and an app.

Virtual Group Trainer (Gruvi) creates cohorts based on fitness needs. Members like group activities, community and technology. Gruvi sees and listens to group engagement and adjusts itself. Gruvi comes as a smart box.


Gruvi is your group trainer. Gruvi understands the group dynamics. Gruvi puts together a workout regimen that is best for the demographics and health conditions of the group. Gruvi encourages the group with public instructions and appreciation. Gruvi gives private feedback one-on-one in the group. 


Travi is your virtual personal fitness trainer.Travi plans your fitness regimen and works the plan. Travi sees you and talks to you in real-time just like human. Travi is quick to learn your interests, strengths and weaknesses. Travi is a comprehensive trainer customized just for your fitness needs while keeping you actively engaged.


FITai products cater to different needs of its fitness customers. Need flexibility? Travi Yoga can help you. Need Stregth? Travi Tone can help you. Need weight loss? Travi Slim can help you. 





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